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Training leaders to lead people to live out the gospel!

The Leaders: program of Church 21 offers a full complement of church planting training and assessment in living and leading core gospel DNA at every level of leadership in urban contexts where church-planting churches are being planted.

See the 2016 prospectus for more information about the various levels of training.

Church Planting Certification

Bi-vocational and professional tracks are available within our two-year church planting certification program with the intent of forming teams of qualified leaders through whom new churches will be launched throughout Quebec. In order to attain the certification, residents must demonstrate competency and character while successfully leading people into mission at various levels within the church. All training requires residents to live within easy access of one of the locations of Church 21.

The bi-vocational track is designed for men and women whose primary vocation is not church leadership but who have the heart and capacity to pursue an active role within a church planting leadership team. We hope to see more and more “lay leaders” develop the competencies necessary for missional leadership so that our church plants will be established with an unprecedented level of depth among their leaders. This track demands approximately 10-15 hours per week, which includes time spent serving, and offers the flexibility to accommodate most work schedules.

For men who have demonstrated the calling and gifting and qualification required of overseers within the church, we offer a professional or full-time vocational certification track. The training is designed to effectively prepare men to serve as lead church planters and equipping pastors. This track also fits within the two year timeframe and demands approximately 40-50 hours per week including time spent serving. The difference between the full-time vocational and bi-vocational tracks is one of depth of training, amount and nature of coaching, and leadership experience provided.


Training Philosophy

All our training is based on living and leading others to live out the gospel DNA. If men and women are not living this out and able to reproduce this fruit in others then they are not leading the church well. Our expectation is that certified leaders will be effective at leading individuals to live the gospel as well as small to large sized groups and ultimately to strategically transfer their competency to other leaders who will do the same. As leaders are trained, assessed, and sent out with this mission they will have all they need to be able to establish and grow healthy churches of people with the same DNA.

At the end of the day we are creating movement. People who respond to the call to live out their identity in Christ create movement toward mission. Those who bear fruit and begin to pass it on to others are then called to lead groups of people to do the same. After having led groups well, leaders are called to share their skills and experiences to facilitate the growth of other leaders. This creates movement toward leadership which ultimately produces more qualified leaders. Teams of qualified leaders are assembled and sent to begin new churches in our neighbourhoods and throughout our cities. As this process plays out over and over we see a movement of church-planting churches form. This is the key to transformation of hearts and transformation of cultures.

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