City Group Meetings

What do we do when our missional community (we call them city groups) meets? In addition to eating together, recreating, serving each other, and just being together at various points throughout the week, we gather one evening each week to do three very intentional things:

  • Renew our focus on the good news of who God is and what he has done
  • Share the victories and challenges of the past week and expectations for the week to come
  • Pray for each other and for those around us

Anyone is welcome, regardless of whether they believe what we believe or not, but we are calling them to join us as we follow Jesus, to be family, and to serve those around us. The idea is that people can belong before they believe and oftentimes they must.

The structure is very simple as you can see in this agenda from last night’s meeting. We always start with a casual time for coffee, snack, or meal, any introductions, light conversation, etc.

1. Renew our focus on the gospel…

Read Mark 2:1-12 twice.

Ask the following questions concerning this passage:

Who is Jesus?

What has he done?

What does this story remind us about our needs?

What does faith look like in this story?

What will faith look like in our lives this week?

2. Share life from this past week and the upcoming week.

How does who Jesus is or what he has done speak to what’s happening in our lives?

In what ways are we being challenged to exercise faith?

How can we pray for and encourage each other to walk through this next week by faith?

In what ways can we serve each other and others in our lives this coming week?

3. Pray as a group through everything that we just explored together.

Now when we come together next week we automatically have specific touch points to address to see how God worked and how we were able to exercise faith and put our faith into action. This rhythm helps us to be more and more transparent with each other, more dependent on God, and more likely to get into each other’s lives throughout the week.

Kids are welcome in the meeting but are also free to play with their friends. Older kids and adults from the group take turns watching over the little ones.

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