A New Baby!

No, not us.

Well sort of. We are celebrating the birth of our brand new baby missional community in LaSalle this Friday. Five days ago the two “parent” city groups had a fun and festive evening together celebrating what God has done to make this new birth possible and to formally commission the new group. With influence and input from both our French group in le Plateau Montréal and the English group we lead in LaSalle, the new group will focus on serving a different part of our neighbourhood for the sake of the Kingdom. The new city group will operate primarily in French but due to the diversity around us there will always be other languages represented. The group will be led by Norton and Tatiana Lages, very close friends and partners in ministry who have a huge heart for people to experience the good news of Jesus and his Kingdom.


Pictured here are the happy parents – above is the French group from le Plateau Montréal and below is at least some of the English group from LaSalle.


As with any birth there is some serious pain that comes amidst all the happiness. In our case we will be missing those whom we sent out from our group tremendously. We have walked very closely for the past year so their absence will be difficult and will leave a big gap. But we remind ourselves that without this sacrifice we will not see new groups or the opportunities they represent for many new people to encounter the good news of the Kingdom of God. We want to keep shining light into new places and that means we go to those places, so we are thrilled to be postured to do just that and to expand our sphere of influence in LaSalle.

Another fun and exciting aspect of this new city group is that it will give us a chance to reach more French people who will be part of the Église 21 church that we are in the midst of planting in downtown Montréal. It’s so cool to see people from different backgrounds and speaking different languages work together to put good news on display in our city. We invite you to check out more about the importance of community, what a typical city group meeting looks like, or the beginnings of our French church plant.

Please pray for all three of these groups as well as all the other city groups of Church 21 in Montréal, the West Island, the South Shore, Magog, and Sherbrooke. May God bless his church and build his Kingdom in Québec!


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