Preaching the good news of Jesus!

What does it take to preach the good news of Jesus to others?

All of our Leaders: training focuses on three aspects of formation: the heart motivation, the intellectual understanding, and the practical experience. Toward that end we have been conducting a series of workshops this fall into which we have invited not only the  apprentice church planters but also the pastors, our head of women’s ministry, and some special guests who are considering embarking on the path of church planting with us.


Dwight Bernier leading the workshop on preparing the gospel-centred message

In October we started the series when Andrew Fulford, a PhD candidate in Historical Theology at McGill University, led us through the origins of Scripture, the Canon, textual criticism and some other Bible Basics. In November, I led the group through an exploration of the Biblical Exegesis process and most helpful tools for unearthing the meaning and significance of the biblical text. December’s focus was on taking the exegetical work that we had done and shaping it into a gospel-centred message that could be preached in public. In January we will continue working with the same material with guidance and valuable insights from Dwight Bernier (original church planter and lead pastor of Church 21-Montréal).

The formation is designed in such a way that enables young ministers to shape their practices and at the same time for the more seasoned among us to hone their skills for an even sharper focus in gospel ministry. The Leaders: program focuses on equipping men and women in the church for practical ministry and brings academic resources to bear on that mission rather than building the training around the resources themselves. Several of our apprentices have had opportunities to put their training to work in the past month as we now have two English and three French services every Sunday at different venues throughout Québec.


Simon Durocher preaching in French from Nehemiah


Dustin Boreland preaching in English from 1 John


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