Academy in Context

This September we will launch Academy in Context! In conjunction with the Acts 29 Church Planting Network, we will take the training we’ve been conducting in Church 21 to a brand new level – making it available to churches throughout Canada!

Over the past year we have constructed new courses, published books, and developed a curriculum that will meet accreditation requirements so that we can offer an opportunity to students to earn credit or a degree while they train with us. We’ve recruited students as pastoral and church planter apprentices, several of whom will be working with us as part of Church 21 in Montréal.


But students do not have to move to Montréal to benefit from the training. Nor do they have to quit their jobs or be in a position of full-time ministry. We recognize the needs for and opportunities that come with developing more missional leaders for the church in Québec and all over Canada and we want to be part of raising up a new generation of such leaders.

We will be combining several of the most effective training methods available: utilizing online content delivery, partnering with mentoring leaders in host churches, and bringing students from all over the country together for an intensive and  hands-on week long session every year. Students will learn to integrate solid gospel-centred theology in their day to day leadership of the church on mission within their local context.

While the Academy will meet the training needs of Acts 29 Canada, our individual courses and Masters level vocational program will be open to aspiring leaders in other networks and denominations that share our core theological commitments as well. In this way we hope to be a blessing to the larger church as she continues the work of advancing the gospel in communities all across Canada.

You can check out to learn more about our strategy for gospel leadership development for the sake of Québec and Canada!

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