The Leaders Movement website has been developed to promote the Leaders: training program of Church 21 / Église 21 in Quebec, Canada, and as the director of this program it offers me an opportunity to showcase specific things that we are learning and seeing God doing through the lens of our family experience.

We chose “Leaders Movement” because leaders and movement are two things that we are determined to develop and at the same time we believe it is this one thing – a movement of leaders- that will continually lead to the other two.

Here you will find stories of how God is working in and around us, those we’re serving, and those we’re serving with here in Quebec. You will want to become very familiar with the Gospel DNA which is what we live out and are reproducing in others and the basis for the training in our Leaders: church planting residency. You are also invited to invest in this work financially as a way of establishing the gospel and building God’s Kingdom in the province of Quebec!

Our vision is to see all of Quebec transformed by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ and we are currently working in the following areas:

Downtown Montreal
The West Island of Montreal
The South Shore of Montreal
Magog and vicinity
Sherbrooke and vicinity

Please feel free to contact us at leaders@church21.ca with any thoughts or questions you may have about our mission or this site.

Michael Gockley

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi ! I live in Ottawa and I would like to know if there’s class that’s offered with the book “leaders “. It really look like a school book ! If yes, I’d like to know if I can follow it via YouTube or an other platform!
    Thanks !


    • Hi Valeska, there is not currently an online course, however we do have some options for how to work through it. If you’d like to email leaders@church21.ca with a short description of your background/context, we can explore what might work best for you. That’s also where you can order the complete workbook if you’d like.


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