Your financial investment in Leaders: enables us to develop leaders who make disciples and plant churches in the province of Quebec. You are invited to give now or see more investment options below…

If you would like to order a copy of the full interactive PDF version of the Leaders: Basic Course book, please visit our Leaders: bookstore to pay and then we will send it to you by email.

From the USA:

The value of the USD to CAD continues to be high which makes your investment go further than you might think!

PLEASE NOTE – OUR PROCESS HAS CHANGED AS OF JANUARY 1, 2018! Check out this information letter to learn how it affects you. 

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Investment options…

We are in a season of intense development and are seeking funding for several new initiatives to better posture ourselves for the growth that we are asking God to provide. If you would like to be more deliberate in your giving, please specify the projects in which you would like to invest from the opportunities below.

Director Position

The Director of the Leaders: program is presently the only paid position. He has oversight over the program, the staff, and all those in training and is responsible for the development, implementation, and advancement of the program. Unspecified contributions will fund the director position first to ensure the viability of the program and additional funds will be allocated to the area which offers the greatest potential value added. Michael Gockley is the current director and can be reached at

Administrative Assistant Position

We currently have a significant need to create an Administrative Assistant position. As the Leaders: program continues to grow, additional staff are necessary in order to realize our vision. Having someone to take the bulk of the administrative work will enable the director to focus more on developing the program as a whole, writing resources, teaching and coaching, and creating more contexts and opportunities to serve those in the Leaders: program. The job description has been prepared and as soon as funds become available we will advertise the position. If you wish to invest directly in the Administrative Assistant position please inform us of your intention by email at and include the date/s and amount/s of your investment.


Owing to the multi-lingual context of Quebec there will always be massive benefits resulting from the translation of training materials and resources. However, as it is more expedient at present to produce new material in English we stand to gain significantly and immediately by supplementing our volunteer translation work with short-term paid contracts for specific projects. If you would like to contribute toward expanding our reach first into the two primary languages of French and English but then to other common languages of Quebec please inform us of your intention by email at and include the date/s and amount/s of your investment.

Training Resources

At Leaders:, we want to keep on top of the best resources available in the world for training our people in leadership, disciple making, and planting churches. We desire to continually expand our library which is available to all those in training and there are many French resources to which we do not currently have access. If you would like to provide the funds to help build this library in both French and English, please inform us of your intention by email at and include the date/s and amount/s of your investment.


The cost of training church plant team members and leaders is partially underwritten by the fees paid for the certification program. While very reasonable in light of the scope of the training and coaching, some of those being trained would benefit from financial assistance. Scholarships can be full or partial and will constitute a direct investment in the life of a new leader who is committed to planting churches in Quebec. If you would like to hear more about the leaders we are training or to fund one or more scholarships, please inform us of your intention by email at and include the date/s and amount/s of your investment.

Special Projects

As Leaders: continues to grow and develop there are frequently opportunities to invest in special projects that help advance our mission of training people to lead others to live out the gospel. Some examples include honorariums for specialists brought in for training, travel for speaking engagements and recruiting opportunities for the Director, and tools and resources that fall outside of the normal budget categories. If you would like to make an investment in one of these types of special projects, please inform us of your intention by email at and include the date/s and amount/s of your investment.

Thank you for building into the Kingdom of God in Quebec!